Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Here's a Jamal The Funny Frog cartoon I created, written, designed and directed.

All the animation timing was done by myself as well as the background design and art direction.


  1. My Favorite! Those backgrounds are damn gorgeous and the character designs are just so appealing to watch (I think Jamal inspired one of my characters). The music's ain't bad as well!

    1. Thanks Jonathan, really glad you enjoy the cartoon, characters, background styling and art direction. All the Funny Frog cartoons background were done in water color styling like in the Terrytoon's. Gives them a real plush, unique look.
      Nice Funny Frog inspired you in designing one of your characters too.
      As to the music, it is compiled from a huge music library going back to the 1950's Nickelodeon has licensed. There are so many tracks to choose from. I personally listen to hundreds of tracks choosing the appropiate tunes that fit for each scene and action happening on screen. Then I sit with a sound editor and we splice them all in place. Same with the sound effect
      Please visit the blog again, more cartoons are going to posted every month.