Tuesday, September 1, 2015


THE DANGEROUS DUCK BROTHERS is an animated cartoon I created, designed, written and directed several years ago I completely forgot about until recently when some one posted it on you tube.

Character model sketches. All Characters Copyright 2015 by Pat Ventura.
 © 2015 by Pat Ventura

As with most all of my cartoons I designed the backgrounds as well, they went to a background painter for finalizing and color painting. It's been so long I forget who it was.
It's very important for the entire look of a cartoon retain the style of the creator/director.

The rights to the characters of THE DANGEROUS DUCK BROTHERS have reverted to Pat Ventura. If you are interested in licensing THE DANGEROUS DUCK BROTHERS characters for developing a animated series or using these characters for toys and comics books, please contact me.
© 2015 by Pat Ventura