Tuesday, September 1, 2015


THE DANGEROUS DUCK BROTHERS is an animated cartoon I created, designed, written and directed several years ago I completely forgot about until recently when some one posted it on you tube.

Character model sketches. All Characters Copyright 2015 by Pat Ventura.
 © 2015 by Pat Ventura

As with most all of my cartoons I designed the backgrounds as well, they went to a background painter for finalizing and color painting. It's been so long I forget who it was.
It's very important for the entire look of a cartoon retain the style of the creator/director.

The rights to the characters of THE DANGEROUS DUCK BROTHERS have reverted to Pat Ventura. If you are interested in licensing THE DANGEROUS DUCK BROTHERS characters for developing a animated series or using these characters for toys and comics books, please contact me.
© 2015 by Pat Ventura


  1. Awesome! I've been looking for this cartoon for a LONG time. And it was worth it.

  2. Hi Pat!

    Thanks for your kind words about my Cartoon Research post last week and my piano playing! It's a real honor since I've admired your drawing and directing style for many years.

    Great to see you posting again, fantastic doodles as usual! Very cool to see this short finally online. I was lucky enough to meet Chuck McCann in NYC a few years ago and he told me he had a blast working on this.

  3. Thank you very much Charlie, am very glad you enjoy my cartoons and drawings.
    Jim MacGeorge and Chuck McCann were two of the best voice actors to work with. Extremely professional and very talented, at the same time generally friendly. It was one of the best recording experiences I ever had.
    Listen closely and they are doing their kind-a-sort-of Laurel and Hardy impersonations on the duck characters.
    Ragtime piano and 1920's band music has been a lifetime favorite, as can be heard on the music tracks of my animated cartoons. Cool you met Chuck. Your Fancy Mouse cartoons are funny.

  4. This is the first time I saw "Duck Brothers". Very funny cartoon! Nice to see it's available for all to see

  5. Seriously, Pat , you should get a tumblir account