Thursday, April 2, 2015

Springtime Cartoons


  1. thanks for posting these, Pat! Are the 3-10 drawings earlier designs? They seem like a Xerox line on photo copier paper. Looks like very funny wolf and raccoon characters. I like the Yucky Duck design with the menacing shark.

  2. Mark, No they are all new pencil drawings. The sketch pad was too big for my scanner so I had to take pictures, upload them then post them here. They all came out sort of dark grey-ish, no matter how much tweaking , so that's how they show. Don't know why. I tried my best, but that's how those appear.
    Hey, sharks are always a funny menace to cartoon characters. Glad you enjoyed them all.

    1. I can understand what you had to do here. Sometimes using larger sketch pads necessitate more guerrilla-style approaches to capturing these images. I suppose doing it this way kinda gives the drawings that "photostat" look.

      Seeing the wolf and raccoon characters made me wish you got to do one more "What A Cartoon" in the mid 90's, especially with another Tex Avery character, Screwy Squirrel. You're definitely the best pick to revive such a character but at least you got to use George & Junior in a couple.

    2. Before "What A Cartoon" while I was writing on TOM AND JERRY KIDS, Fred Seibert hired me to develop a SCREWY SQUIRREL SHOW. It had Screwy and the dog Meathead in short cartoon adventures remanicant of the Avery gag filled chase MGM cartoons. Joe Barbera put a stop to it, wanting Screwy's personality changed to make him soft and "likable". Others got involved, and turned it into a HELP! IT'S THE HAIR BEAR BUNCH format by putting Screwy in a city park with a ground keeper and his dog trying to get him out. All the designs even look like HAIR BEAR.
      It became part of DROOPY MASTER DETECTIVE show and I didn't work on any. Moving forward, that's why Sledgehammer O'Possum was created, so I can make actual Screwy-type cartoons with a my own character using all the good old wholesome slapstick, sight gags and physical comedy. POW.

    3. No wonder I don't remember that at all (I was already in high school when that was on), but glad to see the genesis of Sledgehammer O'Possum came about from it.