Wednesday, February 1, 2012



  1. Love the Keystone Cops inspired cats, very cool to see you bringing your silent comedy influence into your work again!

  2. Always been a huge admirer of the great comedians of the 1920's. Such a purely visual comedy art form. Brilliant comedians and excellent film-makers.

  3. Nice drawing ,,,,

    very good,,

    Visit night,,, please visit back

  4. when i was a little boy, i saw your cartoons in cartoon network and i love it!!!
    all my life i wanted to be an animator!

    now i'm a 24 years old Chilean animator. and it's very difficult in my country live as an animator. but I work hard to prove that animation is amazing!.

    thanks to you, your animations and many others people who made the animation something great!

    PS: my english is horible!.. sorry!

  5. Today, I was writing a blog for Penn State University where I am finishing my Bachelor degree. The blog was about leadership; and humility was one of the characteristics I remember from some of the best and more effective leaders I met in the business. One of those individuals I very much remember with respect is you. I animated for one of your shows in New Zealand. My name is Adriana Cerrotti.
    It was nice finding you, and your fun designs, here!

  6. Adriana, you're jogging my memory, that was a long time ago but yes I remember working with you. One of the best animators I ever met.

    Didn't you also work on the George and Junior and Yuckie Duck cartoons I made?

    Thank you for visiting and the very kind words and thoughts are appreciated. Wishing you the best of luck with your studies.

    1. Pat, I am glad you remember me. We worked together on The Third Pig. It was a lot of fun! I also worked on George and Junior cartoons (from Argentina), but that was before I met you. From New Zealand I moved to Australia and worked in Walt Disney (Little Mermaid II). Then I moved to the USA. I've been leaving in the USA for many years now.

      You are far the best character designer I ever met!

      It was a great pleasure meeting you!