Sunday, January 1, 2012

Comically Correct



  1. Out of curiosity, do you have any sort of recollection of what you did in the Tales from the Crypt episode THE THIRD PIG? I'm curious as to how you got involved in that show (as I always found it bizarre/fascinating the show decided to have a cartoon as the finale, which just seems completely out of left field).

  2. Bill Kopp is a friend of mine who sold the story idea to Robert Zemekis. After that It was Zemekis's decision to have the final episode of the series animated.
    Bill asked me to co-direct with him. We both voice directed, designed the characters, did story sketches, drew character layouts even animated scenes while supervising the entire production working with the layout artists, animators, background artists.
    I wrote many of the gags, bits of comic business, visual comedy and sight gags that wasn't in Bill's script, working closely with him at all times.

    1. Whatever you did, as a series finale, it certainly ended it with a bang! I love that you guys didn't hold back in terms of what was seen in the episode. I'm so used to the constant quick cutting and other tricks so we don't see the gore happen, it's a breath of fresh air to take as much time on the wolf slaughtering the pigs as we see here.

      Just watching it right now, I recall Bill having used Nelvana for his "Eek the Cat' series previously and certainly they didn't mess this one up at all (I recall a few years later they would do another project that aired on HBO based on Gaham Wilson's "Nuts" comic strips, of course they also did a cartoon version of Tales from the Crypt, but that pales in comparison to this episode).