Saturday, November 12, 2011

Here come the gags!

Created, Directed, Written, Designed, Voice Direction, Character Layout/Animation by: 'Pat' Ventura.

Copyright Hanna-Barbera Productions.


  1. These cartoons are wonderful!I've watched all four of these cartoons some eighty times and never gets boring!I hope one day these characters win their own half-hour series :D

  2. This cartoons were funny, nevertless no have tv series :(, and i heard that you were in the draft what a cartoon

  3. Really outstanding! I loved these cartoons. For what it's worth, I've added you to my toon blogslist:

  4. Thank you everyone. Am glad these cartoons are still being enjoyed.

  5. Howdy Pat. It's Ted. Didn't know you were on blogger. Funny stuff!

    Still preaching the art of Larry Semon??

  6. Hey Pat!

    Out of curiosity, which scenes of these did you animate yourself?

  7. Charlie, I can't remember exactly, there were made a long time ago. The ones I can recall are the scenes in SHORT ORDERS: the scene of the lady ordering food , snapping Yuckie's necktie sending him sailing in the air and crashing through the wall. Hitting the freezer door, and pulling the half cow out of the freezer.
    WHAT'S GOIN' ON BACK THERE? the scenes of Sledgehammer inside the mail box burning letters, Ethel blasting Sldeghammer out her mouth like a cannon, flying through the air and ricocheting off the stop sign. When Sledgehammer spray paints the window, tricking Ethel to throw a brick through it and the big guy slides out, tears her up and flattens her with his bum.
    The trash can bit with the picture frame..."Everybody's a comedian...." The wierd ethel running after Sledgehammer, going up the drain pipe, Sledheammer hitting her with the mallot. ethel falling to the street and the paint splashes out of her ink line and the last three scenes with the cop car, cop taking Ethel away, Sledgehammer inside the mail box anmsering doorbell, and mail box ending.
    OUT AND ABOUT: the secnes of Sldegehammer in firefighter get-up, tossing the can of gas into dogs mouth.... Sledghammer pushing the tree and dog off the cliff, dog falling down taking it big. Sledgehammer pulling in pile of explosives, dog landing and huge blast, pushing dog in wheelchair, dog going all nutty, "Hey diddle diddle...." Dog's big takem before train hits.
    I'M ON MY WAY: the scenes of Yuckie trying to lift the Hippo, using the jack, Yuckie using the elrectro thingy on the fish then fish zapping Yucking with it hitting his head on the lamp pole. Pulling the tack off the Lion's bum and fall out the wind, down and crash to the street. The big end race down the street and big skid and crash.

    These are all I can recall off the top of my head. Am sure there are more!

  8. Sledgehammer O'Possum still delivers laughs from me. Thanks for the links!

  9. Thanks Brubaker. These cartoons were made strictly for laughs. Period.

    I have to correct you on THE THIRD PIG. The animation was done at Toonz Animation in New Zealand. Bill and I were sent there for a month to work with the animators on it. Layout, animation, backgrounds and color key were all done there. Nelvana only negotiated the deal with the Crypt folks and financed it.

    Thank you for posting it on your blog.

    1. Oh, glad to know the story over that (at least someone paid the tab there). Wasn't sure how that was worked out but glad to see it came out pretty well consistent because of your involvement being down there in the land of Tolkien film shoots! It didn't have to get sent to some Asian outfit like all the others.

  10. Few weeks late, but I added the Toonz information re: Third Pig on my blog.

    Thanks for the info!

  11. Man, the Yuckie Duck cartoons were, by far, my favourites in the "What A Cartoon" show, along with Eddie Fitzgerald's most excellent "Tales Of Worm Paranoia". I would watch these cartoons over and over and over when I was a 7 year old kid, and today they're one of the main reasons I picked the cartoon animator career.

    Thanks a lot, mr. Pat Venura. From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.