Saturday, July 23, 2011


  1. Jamal I've been familiar with (thanks to YT) but the last two creations are totally new to me...since Oh Yeah Cartoons never aired in my part of the world (UK). I do like the look of the Triplets, mind.

    However, what I have noticed with Jamal is that these 'toons - along with many others about this time - seem a fair bit more "talky" than the Sledgehammer and Yucky shorts. Nothing wrong at all; Jamal still had a great voice cast and smoother animation; there just seemed to be little slapstick action to surprise/amuse, ya'know?

  2. Hey Pat, the shorts are of Frederator?

  3. Laughed myself silly at Jamal's cartoons. Everything talks, and hurts sometimes too (that poor pianna).

  4. Hey Pat,
    Are you still doing cartoons?
    I was watching your George and Junior cartoons
    yesterday and laughed my ass off. Expecialy becouse of the weird drawings. Hope to see some cartoons from you in the future.

    To bad Dutch television doesn't show cartoons like these any more.


  5. "Jamal, The Funny Frog" is one of my favorite cartoons. The best of this cartoon is the music :)